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Whether a court trial or a jury trial, civil or criminal, a well thought out and prepared demonstrative can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case.
The  24 x 36 original demonstrative (detail shown below) was used in the court trial of the In re Currency Conversion Antitrust case.  This graphic description of a four-party transaction, and the application of the currency conversion fee to cross-border charges, was referred to by the court throughout the successful 6-month trial.
The following testimonial was provided by one of the trial attorneys in the Currency Conversion case:
"Lisa has worked with me on a number of cases including In re Currency Conversion Antitrust. In each instance it was necessary to distill a complex industry or channel of trade for the Court in order to effectively present our case. Because Lisa has both graphic and trial skills, she has an intuitive grasp of how to present and process legal concepts and facts in a way that is often far clearer, and more convincing than pages of briefing or argument."